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Terms and Conditions


Airthrill Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made with Airthrill. All members of the party should be made aware of, and accept, these Terms and Conditions.
Airthrill reserve the right to make changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions at any point.

Groups are requested to arrive in good time for their jump. Groups arriving late may not receive their entire time within the arena.

Any persons using the trampoline/inflatable facilities must complete a waiver prior to their participation. Where someone is under the age of 18, this waiver must be completed by a Parent/Guardian.

Activities involving trampolines are not without risk and misuse may result in serious injury or even death. All participants must watch our safety video and review all rules prior to their participation and on every subsequent visit. Our general rules and safety video can be found on our website as well as on our premises.

Participants should only jump within their own abilities and if they are in good physical condition.
For the following categories bouncing is contra-indicated: 

  • Our trampolines/inflatable are subject to a maximum weight of 127kg/20 stone
  • Circulatory conditions 
  • Heart or lung conditions 
  • Back or neck conditions (including Rodded back and Brittle bones) or recent surgery
  • High blood pressure  
  • Down�s Syndrome 
  • Disproportionate dwarfism 
  • Pregnancy 

If in any doubt as to your ability to participate safely in the Activities, please seek advice from your GP. 

Customers with Down�s Syndrome, prior to taking part in such activities, will be asked to obtain evidence that a GP or Pediatrician has screened them using the screening test developed by the British Gymnastics Association for Atlanto-Axial Instability. Approval for participation that is signed by the GP or Pediatrician must be provided before taking part in any trampolining activities. 

Customers with disproportionate Dwarfism should not participate in trampolining. They should also not perform gymnastics skills which involve repeated jumping or rebounding. 

Customers with Epilepsy �  

Flashing lights might be used in some jumping sessions that might affect some people with epilepsy. Customers with uncontrolled epilepsy will be asked to obtain their GP�s approval for trampolining and other forms of sports participation 

Anyone using the facilities agrees to follow all safety rules and follow the directions given by the Court Marshalls. Failure to do so may result in an individual/group being asked to leave.

Airthrill Gripper socks must be worn by ALL participants at ALL times while on the trampolines. 

Children under 5 should jump in the designated area and must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. On adult can accompany a maximum of two under 5s

Children under the age of 14 and people with special needs 

cannot participate in the Activities unless they are 

accompanied by a parent, guardian, responsible adult or 

appropriate carer. The parent, guardian, responsible adult or 

carer must remain on site for anyone under 14 years of age or 

anyone with special needs. One adult is permitted to 

supervise a maximum of ten under 14-year olds. Airthrill staff will not supervise children, regardless of the child�s age,or anyone with special needs at any time. For participants under the age of 18 or participants who lack capacity, a parent, guardian, responsible adult or carer is required to complete and sign the Waiver form on behalf of the participant, stating that he or she will accept 

responsibility for the safety of himself or herself and for 

supervision of any children or anyone with special needs in 

his or her care. 

We ask that all participants wear appropriate clothing during their visit and we reserve the right to refuse entry to individuals who are dressed inappropriately.

Participants are requested to remove all jewellery, belts and watches before bouncing. Pockets must be emptied as loose objects can pose a hazard should they fall out during their trampoline session.

Mobile phones are not to be used by anyone who is using the trampolines. Spectators are welcome to take photos/videos.

Anyone found causing wilful damage to the facilities, fixtures and fittings within the park will be asked to leave and may be asked to pay to have the damage corrected.

Airthrill accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property while visiting the site. Vehicles parked within our car park are parked at the owners� risk and Airthrill take no responsibility for loss or damage, however caused.

Airthrill reserve the right to refuse admission to individuals and groups if we believe that allowing admission will cause damage, harm or distress to people already within the site or the sites facilities. The Duty Managers decision is final in these cases.
Airthrill reserves the right to change or cancel activities at any point and with no notice.

Booking Confirmation

A booking will only be classed as confirmed once a confirmation email has been sent from Airthrill.

You must let us know, as soon as possible, if there are any mistakes in your booking confirmation.

Latecomers may not be permitted to jump and no refunds will be offered in these circumstances.

Refunds and Cancellations: 

Individual bookings are non refundable and non transferable.
Where an individual decides not to participate, is not allowed to participate, or is asked to cease participation, no refunds will be made.

In the case of a birthday party and/or a group booking of 9 or more people, you must give us a minimum of 14 days notice, to the site you booked with so that they can look for an alternative date. If cancelled within 14 days you will not receive an exchange or alternative date.

Airthrill shall be entitled to cancel your booking at any time. In the event that Airthrill decides to cancel your booking it shall use its reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as possible. You shall be entitled to a full refund in the event of cancellation under this clause, but no other compensation shall be payable. 

If an event outside of Airthrill�s control occurs before the commencement of the Activity which means that Airthrill is not able to provide the Activity which has been booked, then the booking is refundable by means of an offer to transfer to another date and time or a credit note for the value of the booking which can only be redeemed at the same venue the original booking was made. 

Payments made by debit or credit card will be refunded to the same card. 

No refunds will be given for transactions made by gift vouchers. 

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or if you have any complaints, please contact the Airthrill trampoline park with whom you have booked. Contact details for all Airthrill parks can be found on our website. 

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